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What is Self-Esteem? Why is it important and how to get it back if you lost it.

Self-Esteem is basically how you feel and think about yourself. What is your opinion about your own worth?

You need to know what you are capable of. You need to know what is your strength and weakness. It is okay to admit you have some flaws and weakness, so that you know what to do in order to improve yourself.

Having self-esteem is a good beginning to the good (or the better) mindness. And I’m not even talking about ‘high’ self-esteem here, I’m talking about in-between-high-and-low self-esteem. Some of us may feel that it’s difficult to boost up our self-esteem due to fact that we’re living in such a competitive society where people are competing all the time. No matter in workplace or at school. But that’s the thing, you can not control what’s going on around you. Just remember that you’re good enough to be you and you deserve happiness just like everybody else. At least that’s what you need to keep in mind.

So what to do if you have low self-esteem or, lost it somewhere?

First thing, I would suggest you to start being kind to yourself. You need to realise that the only person responsible for your self-esteem is you. It’s all about what you believe and think of your self.

People have experienced different things in life that can affect self-esteem such as being bullied in the past, problem with relationship or work. These all can cause low-self esteem. But as mentioned above, we have no power to control things that has already happened/is happening. Things happen as what it is. So there is no need at all to blame yourself or cry over it. What you really need to do is : take it in and look into it.

Now this step, take all the time you need. Then you look deeper into it. What are you sad about? Why are you not happy? what do you want? and what can you do about it?

This is the power you have - How will you look and react to things that causing you low self-esteem. If you take it as life-lesson, then you’re ready to move forward. On the other hand, if you keep blaming about it or you believe that it’s hurting you. Guess what, it will keep hunting, hurting you until the day your way of seeing things/ way of thinking is changed.

Do not forget this : The only person responsible for your self-esteem is you.


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