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Outside the balcony

I can see my plants from outside the balcony. Some of them are dying. Surprisingly, several of them are still alive. When I first got them last year, I promised my dad that I would take good care of them. It was planned that they would be watered once a day in the evening.

That was a promise I couldn't keep.

Sometimes, I was gone for a while. I was either too tired or forgot some days. I know I won't be able to save them now that I realize they're dying. What can I do? I am no expert on plants.

It is heartbreaking. My dad, on the other hand, told me that he never expected me to be able to keep them 'alive' indefinitely. These plants were not supposed to be placed outside of the balcony. It didn't matter to him because he knew they'd die one day. It's all about how long I can keep them going.

What matters now is that I should enjoy the source of greens they supply while they last.


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