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Home Bitter Home : What To Do When You Don’t Feel 'At Home' At Home

Home is where heart is.

You must have heard of this phase a few times already. Home is the first place we get to know in life. Home is where we live, where we can feel relaxed, loved and cared. And it should always be like that. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way about ‘home’. It is hard to admit that sometimes, the place we call home can be that one place we want to run way from.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes we feel more relaxed, more at home when we’re not at home?

It is because we leave all our worries at home (where we live or grow up). Once we have no worries, we feel more relieved. Once we are relieved, our mind will give us more space to focus on ourselves, on what we think, what we feel and what we really need.

Think about we you’re on a vacation. When you stay at the resort nearby the beach, or even a high-rise hotel in the city, the feeling of something new and fresh when you check-in to your room. You finally there. You finally get to rest and be relaxed. That’s the feeling we all desire, the feeling of having nothing to worry about. All you have to think about is how will you enjoy the rest of your vacation time.

So what to do when you don’t feel at home when you’re at home?

Well, You need to realise what is an actual reason why you don’t feel at home at home. This one, you need to take your time and answer to yourself.

Maybe your family used to fight a lot when you were small. You hated it. Never want it to happen ever again. Even though now the fight is over but sadly, it has already gave you PSTD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

To be frank, there’s not much left to do here since things has already changed.

My suggestion would be : to get rid of things that remind you of bad memories/experiences at home. Throw it all away. I know it’s not easy letting go some of your possessions but trust me, when you finally let go, you will feel so much better. as if you lift something heavy out of your shoulder. The next thing you know, you don’t think about those times that much any more. It’s done and gone. and who knows, one day you will be even thankful that it happened to you.

In the case that you do not like the current environment/situation. Remember this - you have all the rights to reject/ignore all those bad things. You have all the rights to choose or to have what’s good for you and your mental health. Keep yourself occupied by doing something that you can enjoy. Focus on the good things. Only you have the power to do this.

As I have mentioned before, we have no power to change what’s been done and gone. but we can manage our feelings towards it. That’s our power.

In the conclusion, let things be. If it will change, it will. Let’s focus more on you, yourself and your feelings and lastly, get rid of things that bring you down.

Feel at home
Bournemouth, UK

Only you have the power to do this.

Take care of your heart first and you will find your very own home within it.


March, 2019

Edited by C.positive mind


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